I've been collecting skulls ever since I was a litlle kid.

Finding a bird synsacrum and wondering which beast this ‘skull’ could belong to…

Then, some years later, the first tentative attempts to articulate a complete skeleton.

No internet back then. Trial and error. Lots of error…….

Now, I try to put every animal back together as anatomically correct as I can.

I use maceration to clean the bones, so unfortunately the sternal ribs are lost.

No animal you see here was killed just for the purpose of displaying its bones!


rebel ward logo transparant klein

Buteo buteo

European buzzard


Strix aluco

Tawny owl

€300 (SOLD)

Martes foina

House marten


(dark wires were temporary)

Procyon lotor

Raccoon (young male)

not for sale