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This is the place where some of my ideas that have made it into reality come to dwell. Outdoor and bike stuff is probably all you’re ever going to find here. If you like hiking, biking, backpacking, fishing, hunting, birdwatching, nature observing or anything related…

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 The Sitta is a compact, lightweight outdoor seat that can be hung from treetrunks and treebranches. It gives you the opportunity to get yourself off the ground, out of the wet, away from some insects and other unwelcome critters. Not the outdoor-type? You can also strap it around an electricity pole or a traffic sign waiting for the bus! It got its name from the European nuthatch (Sitta europaea).


Sitta Silva

black seat/green webbing

Sitta Aqua

blue seat/orange webbing

Sitta Solaris

yellow seat/orange webbing



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Increases the surface area of your shimano spd-pedal so that it becomes more comfortable to take your race- or mountainbike for that quick ride to the store or a leisurely ride with the wife in your normal shoes or sneakers. Attaches and detaches easily and quickly just like your spd-shoe (adjust spd-pedal as needed). Made from aluminum and stainless studs.


not recommended for longer rides and definately not as flats for downhill-biking.